Talent kidz is the story of children who are fond of sports but not only. Because of their personal backgrounds, they approached the notion of sports as being a hobby, as an obligation, a way to fulfill themselves with one common feeling : passion.

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You will find in this magazine profiles and interviews of these kids and some coaches. There will also be an update on current events as well as discoveries on unknown sports and so much more.

Talent kidz is about the exceptional qualities of these future regional, national or world champions and also about the values of sports such as mutual aid, solidarity, the beauty of the gesture, worthwhile effort, the happiness of victory, the exhilaration of scores and records and last but not least the pleasure.

Talent kidz make a point of honor in encouraging and supporting all these unknown, talented, young people who are leaving their mark on sports everyday.

Today, tomorrow and in the future, we are going to the deserted beaches of Indonesia, the waste grounds of the favelas of Rio, an antiquated dojo of a French suburb and all the way to the dirt roads of Kenya.

We are the witnesses of their gift, of the raw talent of these “kidz” with the sincere aim in life to bring them to light.